Waking up to a nice summer breeze and sunshine through the window.
The view from our window again.
Walking down our street on the canal to explore... we only had one full day to take this city in.
Our first gelato of the day! I got a double scoop of Limone...
Ponte Vecchio in Venice.
It still amazes me how Venice is a city built on water. What would be alleys in most cities are little canals in between buildings.
I'm not a fan of thin crust pizza... I like the doughy, thick crust ones. This is a little snack I got on the way back to our hostel from the Piazza.
My current desktop background... Even the laundry on clothes lines are pretty in Venice. I took a few photos of clothes lines and I think I'm going to print them out and frame them in a set.
Also couldn't get over how there are no cars in Venice. There are no real sidewalks--all of the streets are like this, and there are so many bridges everywhere.
Some streets were so narrow that you could put your arms out and touch the buildings.
This was our hostel, A Venice Fish.
Then we went to the Ghetto Vecchio... the Jewish area in Venice.

VENICE--One of the most beautiful places I've visited to date, and definitely my favourite Italian city out of the ones we visited (Milan, Venice, Florence). The city just exudes a feeling of community and laid-back living. I couldn't stop snapping photos because everything was just too abnormally perfect. The colours are still so vivid in my mind--oranges and reds like bricks and sundried tomatoes; golds and yellows like Italian pasta and the sun; and sea greens and blues like algae, seaweed, and real denim.

It was more than what I had imagined it to be.


kittenmasks said...

I kinda regret not ever going to Venice.

Also, that dog's nipples are out of control.

Macy said...

these photos are so beautiful, I'm suddenly getting a bad case of wanderlust. You're so lucky!