PARIS - the Louvre and Bastille during the day

My favourite exhibitions in the museum were the ones with artists' sketches and drawings. This one is all done in ink! Check out the detail below! I'm glad I got a photo of it before the security guard told me that I wasn't allowed to take photos in this exhibition. My bad.

Next day... Pere Lachaise:

(We mainly went to this cemetery for Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf's graves :P)

Paris has the coolest graffitis and wall art...
The world's smallest elevator, maybe? This is the tiny elevator in my friend's apartment building. Technically only fits 2 people, but the elevator claims that it can fit max. 3 people OR 220kg. Ummm yeah... that makes a lot of sense.

Alright, so by this post, I kind of lost track of numbering days... but anyway:

We went to the Louvre on a Friday afternoon when it was free (yay). The idea of visiting the Louvre was amazing... the reality was not as amazing. This museum didn't house the kind of art that we really liked or were interested in, so we just walked around looking at paintings here and there, and imitated sculptures. BUT, the architecture was really pretty and the space inside the museum was really nice. Our main goal in the Louvre was to see the Mona Lisa (duh) and as we made our way to the painting (no need to get through huge crowds, surprisingly, on a no admission Friday afternoon), we literally went, "oh."
... The painting is so small!!! Wowww we were not expecting that. Anyway, after taking a few pictures of it, we left. Maybe I'll appreciate this kind of early Christian art when I'm older.
Or not.

The next day, we took the metro to Pere laChaise, the famous cemetery that buries famous artists (I use that term as a general word to describe poets, painters, philosophers, singers, etc). This cemetery is beautiful. I wish I had taken more photos, or that we had gone at around sunset or even later at night. It was nothing like any of the cemeteries I had been to.

Then we walked all the way from the cemetery to Bastille through a sketchy area and then through the Marais and back to the apartment where we packed for our trip to Italy early the next morning!


Bang and Buck said...

fantastic! so jealous!


Bang & Buck

Taryn said...

oh my this trip looks so wonderful! I'm glad I'm not alone in my love of cemetaries, that one looks amazing!