PARIS - DAY 2 & 3

First time seeing the Louvre pyramids. It was so unreal... tucked away in the centre of a gate-like building (the Louvre). It's a nice breath-taking surprise when you go through the archways, turn the corner, and enter the square.

One of the things we did most in Paris was tan. It seems so wasteful looking back on it now, but while we were there, we were so pooped from all of the traveling behind and ahead of us that we just wanted to relax and soak in the city. This is us having a picnic and tanning in Tuileries (which we did a LOT).

Made our way back on rue St. Honoré that we kind of stumbled upon. It worked out for us because we ended up finding Colette...

We ended up coming back to this store many times...

Oh yeah, so it was my birthday... my friends surprised (/ tried to surprise) me with a cake! Chocolate mousse with chewy chocolate macarons... we ended up eating this for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack for the next few days.

Eating cake and getting ready to go out! We went out to Duplex, a night club beside l'Arc de Triomphe. It was €20 for cover!!! ... which ended up being "normal" in Paris...

DAY 3:
Moulin Rouge
Every time I saw one of these signs (which was a lot), I'd sing Kid Cudi's Day n Nite.
Walking up to Sacré Coeur... Parisian streets and buildings are so pretty.

Space Invaders everywhere! A Parisian tag.
Also managed to spot a LOT of cool graffiti everywhere in Europe.
My first look at European gelato.
Sacré Coeur
The view from the top of the hill.

This soccer tricks entertainer was there almost every Sunday.
The crowd and the Italian singer.

May 6 - the night we got back from Amsterdam (10-11pm), we got locked out of our friend's apartment... we had forgotten the key code to get in! I mentioned that her apartment was on Rivoli... a super long street that takes you from the Bastille all the way to Concorde, passing the le Marais and the Louvre on the way. It had massive Parisian doors--a dark emerald green that had huge brass knobs. You really had to push these doors to get in. It took us to a little foyer with a super narrow winding staircase (that were a pain to climb up and down when drunk in heels), and a tiny tiny TINY elevator in the middle of the staircase.

Anyway, we got back and my friend had to whip out her iPad and we walked up and down this street searching for free wifi to Facebook our friend in the apartment. Eventually we ended up yelling her name on the busy shopping street and embarrassed, our friend came down to open the door for us, haha.

That night, we went to an Australian bar around the block, called The Oz Bar. Then it was my 21st birthday and we spent the day tanning at Tuileries with a Parisian picnic and then went out again that night to Duplex, a club, that was 20 euros for cover. It was a pretty cool club... 3 floors/half floors/caves and 3 dance floors which different music. Apparently Parisians stay out til 5:30am (the clubs that we went to were open til then) so we came home at 5:30am as the sun was beginning to rise.

Since almost everything's closed on Sundays, (it sucked), we went to Sacré Coeur and the Moulin Rouge..

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Jess said...

How good does that cake look?! (and I don't even really like sweets) I wish I had more time in Paris to have picnics and tan. Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me

P.S. Colette is awesome