vintage cheetah find

While in Montreal, we were walking down St. Laurent and walked past this row of vintage stores. I had to go in, even though we were already walking past it, because I saw a cheetah coat on one of the mannequins at the back of the window. I had been looking for one as soon as I had seen Emanuelle Alt in hers. It wasn't like any other leopard print... it was amazing.

Anyway, I asked the owner about it, who said it was $75, and i tried it on and it ended up fitting well. The inner lining is ripped up but I don't mind cuz the outside is in such good condition. Woo!


MTL (9/23-9/25)

This past weekend I drove 5 hours east (much less than how long it should've taken...) with my friend to visit our friend who goes to school in Montreal. Last time I went to Montreal was about 3 years ago for Halloween. I only remember the city at night back then so I was happy to have more time walking around the city this time.

The first night, we went to our friend's friend's penthouse apartment for dinner. She made us homemade quiche and spinach salad... so yummy. I loved the decor! Then we went out to a small wine-tasting at their other friend's house.

Our trip was focused around food and all the different foods we had to eat while we were there... so the next day we had brunch at Universel. This is Ilana's eggs benedicte and my western omelette.

After sitting in Parc La Fontaine for a while, we walked back to get poutine and stopped by this cupcake shop, Les Petits Gateaux to see the pretty cupcakes.

They had sea salt caramel... my weakness!

Then famous poutine at Patati Patata... omg, amazing.

The place is tiny, with a little walkway from the back of the diner to the front door as wide as an airplane aisle. I don't like olives (except on pizzas, or ciabatta), so Natalie had those, but the vinegary juice from the olive made the poutine taste so good.

After dinner with my other friend who lives in Montreal (all-you-can-eat sushi), the next day, we only had 2 hours to get Montreal bagels from two famous places to compare, and eat frozen yogurt.

They had such good flavours... Plain, Lychee, Cheesecake, Key Lime Square, Chocolate, Raspberry, Blood Orange, and Pumpkin Pie. I got Plain, Lychee, Key Lime, and Raspberry.

I'll post the rest of the pictures from my Eurotrip soon...


Where I stayed during my trip via Google Streetview

Lately I've been having a lot of fun on Google Streetview. If you're not familiar, you go to Google Maps, type in an address or landmark, then drag the little yellow man on the side bar to your destination. It's like you're walking down the streets of that city, only you're in the comfort of your own home (for me, in my pajamas on my couch).

So I decided to look up the places I've stayed on my trip and screen capture them. It brought back so many memories "walking down" the streets...

See the green doors directly behind the electrical box? That was where we stayed with our friend in Paris. on Rue de Rivoli, on the Right Bank, down the long street from Bastille, past the Marais, all the way to Concorde, past the Louvre.

Facing in the direction of the Louvre.

This was our hostel in Amsterdam. Above the restaurant. See the small door next to the restaurant that says "HOTEL"? A tiny place, but we couldn't complain, with a room to ourselves, $25 a night, and right beside Leidseplein. Perfect for tourists like us, ha.

A coffeeshop (not coffee shop) we went to in Amsterdam...

Couldn't find our apartment hotel in Venice... instead found these pretty pictures.

In Florence, we stayed on the outskirts of downtown. Beside this store called Brandy Melville which was cool.

Tel Aviv from the beach facing Jaffa.
the beach at night.

I still have to slowly but surely post photos from the rest of my trip!!


outfit: "jeremy scott" dress

An outfit from sometime in late June, after I came back from my trip. Israel made me sooo tan, so I could pull off crazy colours that I avoid in the fall/winter (when I'm pale, duh).

I bought the dress in Paris (It's H&M, haha, but it reminded me of Jeremy Scott/Wilma Flinstone and at 7 or something Euros, I had to get it), the denim jacket in Paris (vintage Levi's at a store in le Marais), and the classic Vans were brought on the trip... my only pair of shoes in Amsterdam, wore them walking down Champs-Elysees for the first time (included going into Laduree looking like a hobo), and got them so grossly dusty from all of the dusty gravel in Tuileries and Jardins de Luxembourg. I love clothing/accessories that carry so many memories...

And I thought that the gold JC tiki charm complimented my Anthracite Bal very well, especially for summer. My friends make fun of me though for having a Juicy Couture charm on my bag... whateva.

Oh ya, I also bike everywhere I can in the summer and fall... which is why I biked in this dress to have dinner with friends.. don't worry, I'm wearing shorts under this dress.

look at my smug smile, har har har.


Elizabeth Olsen, Hollywood Foreign Press

shirt - T by Alexander Wang, and a necklace that looks like Marni?
I'm going to recreate this look with what I already own :3

Love this outfit. AND Elizabeth Olsen is gorgeous.


zara fw 2011: in-store favourites

I always feel weird taking pictures of clothing in a store... some places don't allow it, so I always feel like I'm doing something I'm not supposed to....

But I do it anyway :P

2 & 3: Balenciaga and Alexander Wang influences....



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Man in suit, in Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze

Sartorialist-worthy, or what?

ph. by me


Photo Series: Bicycles in Europe

1 - 2. Amsterdam
3-5. Florence
6. Paris



A little snack for the 1.5-2 hour train ride to Florence from Venice...
My little souvenir from a stand in Venice.

When we arrived in Florence, we walked a long way to our hostel somewhere downtown near the train station. It ended up being overbooked as well so we were sent to this *hotel* outside of the city centre. It sucked having to walk so far with our huge bags under the hot Italian sun but a hotel? It was worth it.

The view from our window...

We started to walk around and started talking about how funny it would be if we saw the cast of Jersey Shore in the 1 day we were there. Lo and behold, we see Deena and Sammi at their "favourite restaurant" (as seen on Jersey Shore), Caffe Duomo. They're really small in person.

Our personal pizzas at a restaurant in the Palazzo Vecchio. I prefer no cheese on my pizzas so I got the marinara pizza :9
Our gelato place in Florence.
View from our window at sunset.
Italy = Living out of our bags.
Miriam's makeshift wine cooler...
Couldn't leave Italy without trying a calzone!
The workers in this cafe gave us dessert on the house. Don't know what it is but it was delicious!
Last gelato in Italy!! Raspberry and Limone for all of us.
Ok, no, this was the last gelato in Italy (had to get seconds...). I got dark chocolate (amazing), kiwi, and something else.

So we walked around the city, trying to make the most of our last night in Florence. We ended up turning a corner down a side street and talked about how our trip would be complete if we saw the boys from Jersey Shore. And well, we did:

They act the exact same as they do on TV. So funny. And the only people that recognize them are American tourists.

Celebrating our last night with drinks!

The next morning, we took the train to Milan, killed time at the McDonald's there across the street from the train station, and then took the bus to the Bergamo airport where we boarded our sketchy $50 flight back to Paris.

Because it was such a tiny airplane, the seats were first-come-first-serve. Everyone kept passing the first row of seats so we asked if we could sit there and the flight attendants (who ended up being the funniest people throughout the flight.. it was like a reality show) said yes, why not. So we got the best seats on the plane!

We ♥ Italia!