outfit: "jeremy scott" dress

An outfit from sometime in late June, after I came back from my trip. Israel made me sooo tan, so I could pull off crazy colours that I avoid in the fall/winter (when I'm pale, duh).

I bought the dress in Paris (It's H&M, haha, but it reminded me of Jeremy Scott/Wilma Flinstone and at 7 or something Euros, I had to get it), the denim jacket in Paris (vintage Levi's at a store in le Marais), and the classic Vans were brought on the trip... my only pair of shoes in Amsterdam, wore them walking down Champs-Elysees for the first time (included going into Laduree looking like a hobo), and got them so grossly dusty from all of the dusty gravel in Tuileries and Jardins de Luxembourg. I love clothing/accessories that carry so many memories...

And I thought that the gold JC tiki charm complimented my Anthracite Bal very well, especially for summer. My friends make fun of me though for having a Juicy Couture charm on my bag... whateva.

Oh ya, I also bike everywhere I can in the summer and fall... which is why I biked in this dress to have dinner with friends.. don't worry, I'm wearing shorts under this dress.

look at my smug smile, har har har.


denise said...

HIII alice! hahah that tiki guy is so cute.

t said...

Love the charm on your Bal!


pink horrorshow said...

The color of that bag is beautiful! The charm is so cheeky I love it haha.