Where I stayed during my trip via Google Streetview

Lately I've been having a lot of fun on Google Streetview. If you're not familiar, you go to Google Maps, type in an address or landmark, then drag the little yellow man on the side bar to your destination. It's like you're walking down the streets of that city, only you're in the comfort of your own home (for me, in my pajamas on my couch).

So I decided to look up the places I've stayed on my trip and screen capture them. It brought back so many memories "walking down" the streets...

See the green doors directly behind the electrical box? That was where we stayed with our friend in Paris. on Rue de Rivoli, on the Right Bank, down the long street from Bastille, past the Marais, all the way to Concorde, past the Louvre.

Facing in the direction of the Louvre.

This was our hostel in Amsterdam. Above the restaurant. See the small door next to the restaurant that says "HOTEL"? A tiny place, but we couldn't complain, with a room to ourselves, $25 a night, and right beside Leidseplein. Perfect for tourists like us, ha.

A coffeeshop (not coffee shop) we went to in Amsterdam...

Couldn't find our apartment hotel in Venice... instead found these pretty pictures.

In Florence, we stayed on the outskirts of downtown. Beside this store called Brandy Melville which was cool.

Tel Aviv from the beach facing Jaffa.
the beach at night.

I still have to slowly but surely post photos from the rest of my trip!!

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