Walking back to my friend's apartment from the Marais in Paris, May 2011

Why did I decide to stop blogging?

I'd say that 70% of it was because of school, and the other 30% was just laziness. Juggling schoolwork and blogging was so time-consuming and stressful, and I didn't want to feel pressured, overwhelmed, or stressed from blogging. It should be something that you look forward to, not something you push back and delay. I dreaded the thought of posting a new entry and procrastinated taking photos. I didn't even like bringing my camera around when I went out. I guess I just wanted to avoid it all.

But, fast-forward (or rewind?) to May 2-June 15... my amazing Eurotrip with two best friends. I brought my camera EVERYWHERE and found beauty & pleasure in the ordinary and took pictures of simple things like clotheslines in Venice or a blue gated door in an alley in Ne'ev Tzedek. I didn't feel forced to bring my camera around... I'd leave it at the hostel when I felt like I needed a break from looking through a lens and just *be* wherever I was.

I learned a lot from the trip (like what NOT to pack!!!), and my body, mind, and soul (and heart!) became more open and welcoming. I met a lot of people from all over the world, experienced different cultures, and most importantly, grew spiritually and mentally. I became less judgmental, more tolerant and patient, and also have begun living like there's no tomorrow. People always say that but I have a hard time believing now that half those people really live by that saying.

So, from that, I wanted a new beginning. A fresh start. So I'm back, and I'm not here to please... I'm here to just be.

and, side note...
... I'm probably going to delete this post in the very near future.

Think before you speak,
less talking, more action.

So there's my little story behind the blog. I don't think it really makes sense but I'm gonna leave it at that because I had to get that out in a somewhat clear and concise way.

Now to go to bed and wake up at the beach..

xx A