outfit: fall h&m

This was something I threw on and ended up liking together. A soft, affordable angora-blend sweater in a warm mashed sweet potato pinkish orange (kind of a hard colour to put into words, lol). It comes in an orange, too (and I think it's supposed to come out in an emerald green that I want!). The idea of the orange was nice, but not so much on.
The shorts are these cute little pleated printed shorts that risk showing some butt cheeks when you bend over (umm you know those items that you like too much so you just deal with the obstacles that they present, like not bending over the whole day? ya.) ,but they were too cute to leave behind. AND they go with the sweater so whatever.

Good to go.

(both from H&M)

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amalie said...

that sweater looks way comfy x