ITALIA Day 1 - Milano & Venezia

Landed in Italia, right on the runway. Private jet treatment for just $50 round trip, lollll.
Milano for half a day... I wish we had more time and patience to explore but we couldn;t because we were lugging our huge bags around. We decided to come to Italy with just one bag and it was too tiring to lug it around with us.
Italy is so beautiful...
Milano Centrale, waiting for our train to Venice.

Venice... my favourite Italian city, out of Florence, Venice and Milan.
Our hostel, a Venice Fish, on the water. I recommend it if you need a place to stay in Venice. It's like a hippie residence. Everyone's young and nice and there's always music playing.
Our original hostel ended up being overbooked so we were sent to their little apartment hostel on one of the canals. We didn't mind... we got this room for $25 a night.
The view from our room.
We didn't waste a single minute in Venice so we went for a stroll during our first night there and had our first gelato in Europe. We walked up and down the main street, comparing prices (hello, we are poor), and came back to this one place... They always gave us so much and they had the best limone flavour. It was also the cheapest. We ended up eating gelato 2-3 times a day. This also began my gelato addiction for the rest of the trip.
I got Bacio and Nocciola; Ilana got Cioccolato and Nocciola; and Mir got Pistachio, Bacio, and Limone.

Day 2 in Venice next...


t said...

Great pics!


Emmy said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pics!!!!! I love Italy sooo much!!!!